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CAPITA POWDER RACERHey rider, here is a summary of everything you need to know about the CAPITA POWDER RACER BOARD.Check it out mom, like ultralights but costs less! Don't feel like selling your wife and camels on the black market in exchange for a board? With the Powder Racer you have all the flotation in the world and great materials for a few € and 99 cents. The core implements cork parts that can lighten the board and improve vibration absorption, it uses a fast and low-maintenance slab, and the traditional camber with rocker zones is stable on the slope and super buoyant on powderCAPITA POWDER RACER BOARDPOWDER RACER, CAPITA 'S MAN BOARD that rocks. Insole colors can be randomly alternated among those offered in the product image.POWDER RACER Surf Camber Profile: profile with rocker at the tip followed by a camber zone for the rest of the board and finally again a slightly rocker tail, it is the profile best suited for floating in powder while maintaining excellent control on the slope as well.POWDER RACER Surf Blended Radial Sidecut: The Surf Blended Sidecut has a radial profile between the bindings with two softer zones at the contact points, for effortless turns and an extremely surf-like feel.POWDER RACER Cork Inlaid Hover Core: same principle as Hover core, with a cork core for maximum cushioning with the same energy required for creative and spontaneous ridingPOWDERRACER Technora Flax Boster Inserts:technora fiber inserts along with flax act as shock absorbers while remaining lightweight helping to promote ollies and turnsPOWDERRACER Holysheet Fiberglass Inserts: Holysheet fiberglass inserts due to their denser weave for the same weight add spice to the board's behavior for long-lasting flex.POWDER RACER Magic Bean Resin : resin obtained 60% from totally renewable sources, thanks to its density and holding characteristics it allows to use a thinner core saving weight without losing structure.POWDERRACER Powder Drive Base : easy-to-maintain base perfect for being an eel in the trees and a train in the flats. Mix of sintered and extruded this base was created with powder days in mind.Its list price is 599.99 euros but only at Fresh Farm you can find it with the biggest online discount and you have the best price guarantee.Choose your gear and come try it out with Farmily at one of Fresh Farm's snowcamps!!!
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